Auto Post Using Javascript

Hi there, a few weeks ago I was doing research about auto post from webpage to paypal payment page. The basic idea is the visitor fill the form, then when the visitor submit the form we will store visitor data input to database. Once data stored in database the page will be automatically redirected to paypal website. It’s pretty easy, we will use JavaScript to do auto post. I wanna make this article as simple as possible, I just wanna show how to do auto post with Javascript. Continue reading “Auto Post Using Javascript”

Solving Zend Framework error “An Error Has Occurred A project profile was not found”

Hi there, I had an error “An Error Has Occurred A project profile was not found” on Zend framework command line when I tried to generate an action for my project. I’m using Windows XP and for the web server I’m using XAMPP. The “An Error Has Occurred A project profile was not found” happened because we have wrong include path in our php.ini.

Open your php.ini and find the include_path line, insert your zend framework library path into the line before the PEAR path.

include_path = ".;E:\xampp\htdocs\ZendFramework\library;E:\xampp\php\PEAR"

Save the file and restart your Apache. Good luck 🙂

XML-RPC on IPhone

Hi, after play along to implement XML-RPC on IPhone finally I made it. I tried googling to find some articles that related to XML-RPC on IPhone, and those article drag me to WordPress application for IPhone. This application using XML RPC to communicate IPhone with the WordPress Blog, so the idea is grab the XML-RPC function from the WP application and implement it on our application. First we need to download WordPress for IPhone source code, you can download it here. Continue reading “XML-RPC on IPhone”

How to enable XAMPP SSL socket transport

Hi today I have an experiment with GData in Zend Framework PHP , and found an error that my XAMPP prevent SSL socket transport and return this error.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Gdata_App_HttpException' with message 'Unable to Connect to ssl:// Error #24: Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?' Continue reading “How to enable XAMPP SSL socket transport”

How to connect MySQL in Prado Framework


This is my first article tutorial in this blog, today my friend have a problem connecting SQL databases with PRaDO framework. I have used this framework several years ago, and it’s quite easy to make a website with Prado. This time I will write how to connect MySQL with Prado, insert data, and display it in the web page.

First, I’m using XAMPPLITE as webserver, XAMPPLITE is lite version of XAMPP, but if you are using XAMPP it’s ok. Download XAMPP.

After you finish the XAMPP download, continue with download Prado framework. Download Prado.

Install the XAMPP, and extract the prado framework in htdocs folder.

The optional prado-cli.php PHP script file in the framework directory provides command line tools to perform various tedious takes in Prado. The prado-cli.php can be used to create Prado project skeletons, create initial test fixtures, and access to an interactive PHP shell. We will use command line tool to generate our prado project. Continue reading “How to connect MySQL in Prado Framework”

Welcome to

Hi reader, welcome to Let me introduce my self, my name is Leo Ganda, work in Bali-Indonesia as programmer ( website and desktop) and web designer. My favourite programming languange are C# and PHP, and now learning about Iphone software development.

I will write down some my experience about IT, programming and my life story. 🙂