Hostgator coupon code 2011

Hi guys, special info for you who looking for Hostgator coupon. I have the hostgator coupons list, these coupons works for this year (2011).


$9.94 Coupon



25% Off Coupon


24.94 Off reseller hosting Coupon




How to use this coupon? When you stepped on Choose a domain page, take a look at this picture. By default there will be a “spring coupon” this coupon only gives you 20% off. Replace it with luvgator then you will get 25% off.


How to Flush DNS Cache in Windows XP

If you have a domain and set a new nameserver for your domain, your computer will not access the server behind your new nameserver. It’s happened because your computer cached the DNS so when you trying to access your server using the domain, it will always redirected to previous server. The DNS cacheĀ  will be updated automatically after period of time, max time for this update is 2 x 24 hours.

To manually flush your DNS cache on Windows XP, you can use this command in command prompt. Open your command prompt by pressing Windows Button + R, then type cmd.

Use this command.

ipconfig /flushdns